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Cleo bachelor finals.

I know this post is a little delayed…

By now everyone already know that some dude called Aaron Chen is our new bachelor. I checked out his photo on the mag and his photo did not do him justice. I have to admit that most of the guys look waaaay better in person than they did in the photos (some did kinda look like they did in pics). FYI Teen wolf and Lawrence Wong dropped out 😦 boooo i was looking forward to seeing teen wolf in person!

So none of my boys won but it was still fun being there watching James try to dance (haha, it was pretty awkward), best part was Craig’s team dancing to LMFAO’s I’m sexy and I know it. Now I know, Craigy boy can dance! Also, he won mr personality! Very deserving I have to say 🙂

Will get a video of him dancing real soon, for now enjoy my crappy phone quality pics!

So this guy is Aaron Chen

James taking the stage!


James had absolutely no idea what he was doing

Check out his expression haha

spot craig


Well done CRAIG!


For someone who is the Editor of CLEO, she should have dressed a little better. This is fashion fail to the max!

I get that you’re trying to stick to the theme of “league boys” or something like that but you could have done a better job at it! And BOOTS?? Seriously wearing boots in Malaysia is retarded. Its summer all year long, it’s definitely not a smart idea to have sweaty smelly feet. On top of that, her skirt is a little bit tooooo long for those boots. It makes her look short.. don’t get me started with that hair! OMG REDKEN your shampoo is good but I guess your team in Malaysia is super shit. You made her look like a grandma.. this kinda hair might have rocked the 1990’s but we’re already in 2012. Also, I may dress in shirt and shorts on a daily basis, but when I do dress up it will never be this bad. This really shows how shit Malaysian fashion is, we are sooo far behind. Kinda makes me sad that I’m in the fashion industry, look at how the editor of a leading Malaysian female fashion magazine dress.. sigh I shouldn’t complain so much as they do loan my products for photo shoots.

If I were her stylist for the night (considering she had to wear that ugly jersey top), I would first cut the sleeves to make it more of a singlet, then I would loosely tuck them in a pair of torn up denim shorts (think BRIGHT colours!) and end them in 4 inch pumps! She would wear luscious Kim K locks!

Seriously there are sooo many ways to look hot + sporty.

P.S – there was a category for most SCENT-sational bachelor which readers get to vote for. Seriously one of the dumbest categories ever! How on earth are we to know which bachelor does not stink?

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Too brown vajayjay

My friend sent me an article which basically talk about a new product in India which target our vaginas. Like we don’t already have enough on our plate with all the painful hair removals, beauty regimes and what not, we’ve gotta add bleaching our vaginas because its too brown? WTF

Yes, you men will whine about all our imperfections but lets be real, if any girl spread her legs for you, you’re getting in there no matter what colour her vagina is.

Im gonna call this EXTREME vagina RACISM.

Click here to read the article.

FYI, before watching the advert for this insane product, I was wondering what kind of ideas I would come up with for this stupid ad if I were to be heading this project. You kinda have to be sensitive in delivering the news “hey your vagina not only stinks, but it looks like shit”. On top of that, its a TVC so theres loads of restrictions. I think my ad would have a loser wife waiting on her hubby, cuts to scene with her hubs with a fairer lady smiling laughing being a douche bag husband .. and BAM she uses this new magical skin whitening product and he is back in her arms.

Truth is, the only reason any woman would use this product is to please her man, just like why we go for painful waxes and facials and waste hours doing our hair, make up etc.. it’s not because we enjoy the pain but its because we know you boys like it. The only thing that we don’t really do for you guys is clothing. I find that girls usually dress up to impress other girls not boys. Boys usually don’t notice minor changes like hair trims and light colouring and defo not so focused on what we’re wearing unless its super skanky with our boobs peeping out. Oh well, watch the ad below!

How would you have done the ad?