Too brown vajayjay

My friend sent me an article which basically talk about a new product in India which target our vaginas. Like we don’t already have enough on our plate with all the painful hair removals, beauty regimes and what not, we’ve gotta add bleaching our vaginas because its too brown? WTF

Yes, you men will whine about all our imperfections but lets be real, if any girl spread her legs for you, you’re getting in there no matter what colour her vagina is.

Im gonna call this EXTREME vagina RACISM.

Click here to read the article.

FYI, before watching the advert for this insane product, I was wondering what kind of ideas I would come up with for this stupid ad if I were to be heading this project. You kinda have to be sensitive in delivering the news “hey your vagina not only stinks, but it looks like shit”. On top of that, its a TVC so theres loads of restrictions. I think my ad would have a loser wife waiting on her hubby, cuts to scene with her hubs with a fairer lady smiling laughing being a douche bag husband .. and BAM she uses this new magical skin whitening product and he is back in her arms.

Truth is, the only reason any woman would use this product is to please her man, just like why we go for painful waxes and facials and waste hours doing our hair, make up etc.. it’s not because we enjoy the pain but its because we know you boys like it. The only thing that we don’t really do for you guys is clothing. I find that girls usually dress up to impress other girls not boys. Boys usually don’t notice minor changes like hair trims and light colouring and defo not so focused on what we’re wearing unless its super skanky with our boobs peeping out. Oh well, watch the ad below!

How would you have done the ad?

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