1st attempt on summer fashion

Remember my previous blog entry I wrote about trying to make more of an effort to dress up and follow current trends? Well here is my 1st attempt!


I’m trying the print + bright colours.. although it really isn’t so bright but it is definitely way brighter than my usual blacks!


My floral blouse is from Thimble. It’s really quite simple but so comfortable! Thimble is actually located in Bangsar Telawi 3, it is pretty much opposite from my own boutique but that does not make us arch enemies! We are actually friends who really support each others business because we both sell completely different items and cater to different age groups! Furthermore, they are really creative and design everything themselves, unlike me who source everything from everywhere!


My jeans are bought in Tokyo from a chain store called Anap. It was only 1000 Yen! What a bargain. Its a baby blue colour with splashes of colourful paint on it. It is also really ripped from wearing them too often as they are so comfy and I also have a thing for clothing with cuts and holes! (you’ll see soon enough)


I made an effort to put make up! YAY *pats self on the back*. You can’t really see it in pictures but I actually have quite a bit of make up on. It looks quite light in the photo but I felt really over done, mostly due to the fact that in daytime I usually wear only eye liner and mascara or nothing at all. I made an exception and went all out with power and blush this time! Haha

(The real reason I dressed up and made up is because I was filming something that day… at least I tried to keep the theme summer-ish!)


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One thought on “1st attempt on summer fashion

  1. Audrey says:

    this needs updating!

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