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yes world

I wrote a few articles for YES World.

That’s why I tell myself I can slack here 🙂


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1st attempt on summer fashion

Remember my previous blog entry I wrote about trying to make more of an effort to dress up and follow current trends? Well here is my 1st attempt!


I’m trying the print + bright colours.. although it really isn’t so bright but it is definitely way brighter than my usual blacks!


My floral blouse is from Thimble. It’s really quite simple but so comfortable! Thimble is actually located in Bangsar Telawi 3, it is pretty much opposite from my own boutique but that does not make us arch enemies! We are actually friends who really support each others business because we both sell completely different items and cater to different age groups! Furthermore, they are really creative and design everything themselves, unlike me who source everything from everywhere!


My jeans are bought in Tokyo from a chain store called Anap. It was only 1000 Yen! What a bargain. Its a baby blue colour with splashes of colourful paint on it. It is also really ripped from wearing them too often as they are so comfy and I also have a thing for clothing with cuts and holes! (you’ll see soon enough)


I made an effort to put make up! YAY *pats self on the back*. You can’t really see it in pictures but I actually have quite a bit of make up on. It looks quite light in the photo but I felt really over done, mostly due to the fact that in daytime I usually wear only eye liner and mascara or nothing at all. I made an exception and went all out with power and blush this time! Haha

(The real reason I dressed up and made up is because I was filming something that day… at least I tried to keep the theme summer-ish!)


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While the rest of the world get excited for summer fashion, I stand and stare at my closet thinking what shall I wear today? (with as little enthusiasm as finding dog poo in your room). If you know me personally, you will know that my daily staples are shorts a t shirt and havaianas. I used to look forward to dressing up for different seasons back in my Melbourne days but I guess the motivation is just not there anymore. The reason why i’ve lost my enthusiasm for dressing up in general is because I have been back in KL for the past 3 years and the heat is just so normal it does not excite me or motivate me to dress up for 4 short months of sun sea and surf. Another reason being that Malaysians in general don’t really make an effort to dress up (unlike our Singaporean neighbours) and when we do, we get starred at by all these perverts like they’ve never seen girls before. On top of that, it is not exactly the safest place to dress like a skank or wear short skirts/shorts/tops/low tops especially with all these rape/abduction cases in car parks… and I am pretty sure it is illegal?

Nevertheless I have decided that i’ve been waaaayyy too slack in the dress up department. I only make an effort if i’m going for an event or weddings and the clubs (although many have seen me in converse, shorts and a tank sans make up. While the rest of the girls all look like barbie dolls HAH). I should make more of an effort especially since I work and own a boutique (yes I wear shorts and slippers to work and look like I should just stay at home and not be seen, don’t judge me!)

So here are some looks I like and would like to channel.

Firstly, I think I need to wear bolder colours and more prints! If you take a look in my closet, its pretty sad 😦



& bold prints


I guess I gotta try bold prints + bold colours too!


I’ve always been a fan of the hippie-ish look, I will wear flowers in my hair… or maybe just a head band and look like a red indian. I love her heard gear, I wish it was mine. I’m 100% sure if I stepped out looking like this in Malaysia, they will think something is definitely wrong with me. How pretty does she look!


And of course for my lazier days…


I won’t rule out clothing for lazy people. It’s simple, effortless and still stylish. (We’ll assume she’s wearing flat shoes!)


Lastly, beach wear!! (provided I get to go to the beach soon.. I was just at Sentosa Beach 2 weeks ago but I was there for the Megazip Adventures and I did wear a bikini top under my T.. you’ll be glad to know it’s yellow & floral)


Loving these Zimmerman 2012 collection. BEAUT!

So I think what I need to do now is toss away all the blacks and step out of my comfort zone. I WILL IGNORE ALL THE CRIES FROM MY BORING OLD CLOTHES!

I’ll update you lot of my efforts and you can judge me then.


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omg i’m in love

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

I have always been a fan of Jenny Packham, her designs are so feminine and vintage looking without being OTT. I love this dress that Kate wears, the colour is so rich and the lace OMG! Its so simple yet classic.

I have been looking at her bridal collection for ages and have save some ideas for the future haha. I don’t really like the whole typical big white gown, i’m pretty simple so a long flowy dress will make me happy.

It has the signature Jenny Packham sleeves, beadwork and simplicity! So beautiful!


I love how she uses a lot of soft fabrics in her work. (This is from her ready to wear spring/summer 2012 collection)

I have to say though, her SS 2012 bridal collection kicked her SS 2011 in the ass so hard.

Anyway, Summer is here and we see loads of bold prints! The boho look is back! whoop whoop (time to wear my hippie head band again). Will blog about this another time!


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Boy views.

Not too long ago I was talking to a friend who was visiting from Sydney about how pretty I thought this girl was. He said something that never really occurred to me until then.. he said “I don’t think she’s that pretty”.. 0_0 His reason was because the two times he met her she was wearing the “high pants thing”. I found this quite shocking considering what she was wearing had nothing to do with how her face looks, on top of that I thought she looks really good in high waisted outfits. Anyway, our other friend then said to me guys really hate high waisted pants/shorts/skirts u name it they hate it. I always assumed that they would like it coz girls love it! It looks nice and classy, gives us a flattering figure too.

I thought these guys must have bad taste in fashion, after all what do they know?? They are boys! But I sat down with a few other male friends, asked them what they thought .. here goes..They ALL hate it too!! They say it makes our butts look bigger!!! WTF?

This is pretty big news to me because I love these damn skirts and shorts! I like wearing them to dinner and I like wearing them clubbing, it’s comfortable and so easy to wear! This got me thinking what other outfits they hate too, and its pretty shocking.

I think Coco looks good in this outfit.

Back when Coke was only 5 cents! I think this cartoon lady looks pretty fab.

Apparently boys really hate all the cute little outfits that we seem to love so much.

They hate tube dresses/tops. Personally i’m not a fan of this fashion but i’d wear one if the outfit is something I really like..however I only own one or 2 pieces. The most common reason as to why the boys hate tubes so much is not because it looks bad on us. Rather, we give it a bad look every time we pull up the dress/top so it doesn’t fall off. HAH. This is also the main reason I don’t like wearing tube outfits coz my boobs are too small for it and I don’t feel comfy having to pull it up all night when all I want to do is enjoy myself without worrying about flashing everyone in the room.

See me in the tube dresses? The blue-ish one is actually really nice. Its really tight at the top so I never have to worry, it’s actually a jump suit with a long flowy tail. I wore it just a while ago and my friends hated it.The other picture above was taken in SG with my girls. Mels and I both wore strapless dresses. I think we both look pretty good in it. The dress i’m wearing isn’t even mine, it’s my lil sis’ and although it looks like its about to fall off, it’s actually pretty safe and I didn’t spend any time at all pulling my dress up, my hands were up in the air woohoo.

I wore this to a wedding and my friends BF complimented the dress. Its weird, basically the dress is pretty much a tube dress except with another sheer top layer over it. WHATS WRONG WITH U GUYS??? I’m 100% sure that if Miranda Kerr, Megan Fox or whichever supermodel wore a tube dress you boys will think it looks amazing! It has nothing to do with the dress, more like the person or the action.. you’ll never see the models pull their dresses up coz u only see them in pictures or movies! HAHA

They don’t look bad in it do they??


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