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Cleo Bachelors 2012!

Hi all!

If you have not gotten yourself a copy of Cleo April issue, DO IT NOW!

I’ve been waiting for this issue to come out forever as both Craig and James got in!! I was away in HK earlier this week and only managed to get my copy today!! unfortunately for me.. everyone looks like shit. No wonder i’m still single. Even though I love my friends to bits, they look like absolute trash in the shoot, especially James.. he didn’t photograph well (i don’t think anyone did) :(. Craig didn’t look half as bad. Having said that, they are probably the least ugly amongst everyone else. There is also one other potential Lawrence Wong.. but thats about it.

Sigh, CLEO didn’t do a good job this year, they got sloppy and picked any tom dick and harry on the streets. I’m pretty sure there were hotter ones in the previous years, the winners were always decent (think Henry Golding). Now we know there really is a shortage of quality men in KL.

I thought of putting 5 best and worst.. but I can only think of 3 top ones (2 which are at the top for obvious reasons) and 47 horribles. HAHA

Nevertheless please vote for my BFF and contributor to this blog JAMES as well as CRAIG.

Top 3

Lawrence Wong

The one with the most potential!

Craig Morraies

He doesn’t look too shabby here. I’ve known him since we were in primary school together!! 🙂

James Thoo

Unfortunately James did not photograph well here :(. He wouldn’t have made the top 3 if he wasn’t my best friend hahah. Love u either way.. FYI he looks a lot better in person, not so old like in the pic and a lot like Colin Ferrell.

Now to the UGS list.

 teen wolf

lets take a closer look.

I could see him play characters from the 1920’s. Gentleman with a walking stick and tux on a daily basis.

He’s a lil bit too feminine for my liking

He looks like a punk with ugly facial hair. I hate guys who cant pull of the scruffy look.

He looks like he’s 10. 0_0.. and has a little bit of that smirky Edison Chen look. I hate u Edison.



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