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Hello Stranger

Hi all

I’ve been stuck for days trying to figure out how i should write my 1st post. I know it should probably be some kinda introduction or something like that. To be honest, I’m just worried i’d bore the shit out of all of u with my long winded essays.. I have a reputation for my essays!

Here goes.

I’m Ashley and like many girls, I like the same shit. I guess I’m pretty much like everybody else.. although I know many who would disagree. I like weird shit, swear too much and if I wasn’t so weird James and I wouldn’t be so close. I’ve been told that my brain is wired differently from everybody else but I kinda like it that way.

Let me tell you something about my relationship with James, the other contributor to this blog. I met him at work when we both moved to KL from wherever, we got really close and BAM we now have a blog together. He’s a funny guy and likes a lot of the stuff that I like too, although I really think that he thinks I’m crazy half the time but is also really amazed by how awesome I really am considering I look like such a cina girl that manage to surprise him with my taste in music, movies and other stuff.¬†The first time I met him at work my phone rang, my ringtone was Blinded by Third Eye Blind.. that was the moment he probably thought I’m cooler than I looked.

OK enough for now.. I didn’t want this blog to be about ME ME ME thats why I brought James on board :). Also because I find that girls and guys have very different opinion on things! I know thats pretty obvious but i’ll explain next time.

Do you see the resemblance?


I know ¬†should have better pics of James considering i’m his BFF but I don’t. GOODBYE